Ceramic Coating in Houston, Texas

Never Wax Again

The Next Generation of Paint Protection Offerings

Ceramic Coatings are formulated to generate a clear, nano-crystalline film that protects the substrate beneath from environmental contaminants and chemical attacks much beyond what a conventional wax or paint sealant could ever hope to offer.

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JADE Ceramic Coatings have been tested by independent, 3rd party labs to certify their hardness and chemical resistance. They have also been tested against rigorous material specifications for approval to be applied to Boeing aircraft.

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What Does Ceramic Coating Protect Your Vehicle From?


UV Rays







bird droppings

Bird Droppings

Select a Ceramic Coating Package

1 Year Protection

System X Coating


Select 1 Year

2-4 Years Protection

JADE Coating

$400 - $500

Select 2-4 Years

5 Years Protection

Adam's Graphene Ceramic


Select 5 Years

Prep Work:

Pre-Treat for Bugs

Foam Bath Pre-Soak

Deep Clean Wheels

Gentle Hand Wash

Water Rinse

Detail Door Jambs

Clay Bar Treatment

Paint Iron Removal Exfoliation

Deep Air Dry

Paint Inspection

Trim Masking

Paint Sanitation

Ceramic Coating Application for All Coatings:

1 Layer of JADE QUARTZ / System X / Adam’s

Applied to all paint, trims, plastic, chrome

Finishing Touches:

FREE Express Detail

Exterior & Interior Glass Cleaning

Ceramic Coating Houston, Texas

Ceramic Extras Windshield All Windows
Glass Coating $50 $150

Ceramic Extras Standard Rims X-Large Rims
Rims $100 $200

Ceramic Coating FAQs

Do you have a shop?

Yep! We offer all our paint correction and ceramic coating services at our shop location but we also do it mobile if there is a garage we can work on. Depending on the level of work, it can take 1 to 3 days to complete the service (since sometimes it has to be paired with our paint correction or paint polishing service).

Can I wash my car after the coating is installed?

Once the coating is applied, the vehicle should not get wet for the first 24 hours so it can fully cure. After that, we advise our customers to not wash their vehicles for the first week. The first wash after we apply the ceramic coating is FREE to you so we can check how the coating is holding up.

What is your recommended maintenance regime?

We advise that every 12 months the vehicle is thoroughly decontaminated by the removal of any road tar, iron, tree sap, and industrial fallout deposits that may have accumulated. Following that, we will apply a SIO2 sealant to rejuvenate the ceramic coating and enhance its hydrophobic properties.

Can I just get the coating installed without the prep work or paint correction?

We do not apply coatings to vehicles that have not gone through the proper prep and correction as you will not reap the benefits of a coating without it.

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